How reliable is my audience? Coping with audience fragmentation

Bas de Vos and Mariana Irazoqui
SKO Stichting KijkOnderzoek, Netherlands

Jeroen Nikkel
Intomart GfK, Netherlands

Adriaan Hoogendoorn
Estics Media, Netherlands


Faced with increasing penetration of digital television and increasing numbers of available digital channels, SKO, the JIC in charge of the television audience measurement in the Netherlands, decided to include 35 exclusively digital, thematic channels in their measurement. In August 2008, Intomart GfK started measurement of these channels in a pilot project within the Dutch TAM.

The pilot has two main objectives. The first is to find out if it is technically possible to measure the wide range of channels. Audio channel identification technology (EAM) is used to measure digital channels on television panel households, because they are able to register viewing behaviour through digital equipment. The second objective is to test whether an existing panel operation would be big enough to produce reliable figures.