Vic Roads – Communicating by Stealth

Angela Morris


Despite high awareness that talking on your hand-held mobile phone is dangerous and illegal, 80% of 18–25 year olds admit to regularly doing it.

The task was to overcome a resistance to being told what to do. And to get them to ignore, or better still, turn off their phone while driving.

Our approach was to ask who else faces the challenge of getting through to young people? Answer: educationalists. Research into learning theory led to our breakthrough.

'Knowledge is experience, everything else is just information'. (Einstein)

This led to a strategy informed by experiential learning theory. We would marry content (learning experience) and context (mobile phone as channel) to create an experience that triggered the four theoretical learning modes.

The creative solution was an unbranded iPhone App – a driving game that once underway, triggered a phone call. Answer it and you crash, prompting a safe driving message from VicRoads.