More than meets the eye – investigating the hidden impact of brand placements in television magazines

Jörg Matthes, Christian Schemer and Werner Wirth
University of Zurich


In today's oversaturated media landscape, product placements are seen as promising tools for the advertising of brands because they are less likely to be recognised as persuasive attempts than more obtrusive forms of advertising. However, throughout almost the entire research literature it is assumed that product placements must be recognised or recalled in order to influence brand evaluations. Therefore, in studying the effects of product placements, scholars have focused primarily on measuring brand recall. Accordingly, many studies seem to indicate that the hidden nature of product placements makes them hard to be recognised, and, therefore, there might often be no effect on brand recall (Russell 1998; Karrh et al. 2003). In fact, when brands are not recalled, placements are thought to be unsuccessful (Karrh et al. 2003).