Jeyes Bloo Acticlean: A fresh Bloo challenge

Jayne Hazlewood and Marcus Willox
Jeyes and WARL

A new 'fresh' positioning targeting young women saw Jeyes Bloo Acticlean drive a 6.2% increase in the in-cistern toilet cleaner category with 13.7% growth in its market share.

Jeyes Bloo is a range of toilet cleaners and disinfectants. Among these is Bloo Acticlean, a product that is placed directly into the toilet cistern. Jeyes launched the in-cistern category in the late 1970s with a high spend, tongue-in-cheek television campaign voiced by the actor Kenneth Williams. More recently, in 2000, Bloo Acticlean enjoyed a highly successful re-launch, spearheaded by new product variants. These new products were supported by an animated TV commercial voiced by the comedian, Julian Clary, the creative again revelling in Bloo's characteristic 'toilet humour'.

Around three years ago, however, the category saw a sudden and steep decline in household penetration with a million homes being lost. While still a sizeable category with an annual penetration of over five million, this was a worrying development for Jeyes.