Tata Docomo: KISS

Nikita Kohli

Campaign details

Brand owner: Tata
Agency: Draft FCB Ulka
Brand: Tata Docomo
Country: India
Channels used: Internet - general, Outdoor, out-of-home, Point-of-purchase, in-store media, Print - general, unspecified, Television
Media budget: 10 - 20 million

Executive summary

For Tata Docomo, unprecedent success in the launch year was followed by competition fast playing catch-up, fixing a lot of issues and regaining consumer confidence. The industry was seeing a lot of action in the form of 3G services being launched and mobile-number portability (MNP); the biggies were benificiaries given their scale advantage.

Their efforts at addressing aspects related to consumer confidence were showing positive signs and this emboldened the big players to revert to their old tricks of complex tariffs, confusing plans and lack of transparency. It was time for the brand that spoke the consumers' voice, Tata Docomo, to come out and polarise the market once again into the 'tele cons' (read: competition) versus the refreshing take of Tata Docomo the vocal ally of consumers.

Market background and business objectives