Determinants of visual forms used in print advertising: a cross-cultural comparison

Kyunghee Bu
Kwangwoon University, Korea

Donghoon Kim and Seung-yon Lee
Yonsei University, Korea


Research on visuals in advertising has increased heavily in the last 10 to 15 years (McQuarrie & Mick 2003). The prevalence and importance of visual research in advertising comes from many recent changes in the market. The advent of newer media such as internet and outdoor ad-screen technology, and globalisation, facilitate visual images as a major vehicle in delivering messages to consumers in geographically diverse markets (Moriarty 1987; Schmitt & Simonson 1997; Bulmer & Buchanan-Oliver 2006; An 2007). Magazine ads, in particular, heavily use visuals to get attention (Cutler et al. 1992; Bulmer & Buchanan-Oliver 2004) and the use of visuals is becoming a popular method for standardising print advertisements in cross-national markets for a growing number of multinational corporations (Phillips 1997; Cateora & Graham 1999; Schroeder 2002; Sadler-Trainor & Sadler-Trainor 2005).