Conect: The Village Where Nothing Ever Happens



Category: Communications/Utilities
Country where program ran: Spain
Date program started/ended: 8th - 28th September 2008

Product Description: The TV Thematic Channels' Council - Conect - coordinates the strategies between private thematic channels and the advertising market. One of its missions is to run communication campaigns showing thematic channels' advertising efficiency. After 20 years bragging about it, time has come to stop talking and start proving it.

Advertiser/Client Name: Conect
Media Channels: TV/Video/Radio
Web Development


Marketplace Challenge:

Pay TV Thematic channels have spent 20 years running traditional advertising campaigns talking about its advertising efficiency - mostly on its own TV and web properties and specialized advertising media - to no avail: advertisers and its media planning partners were still hesitant to include and plan thematic channels in their campaign's media plans. The fact being that, despite its incredible possibilities in terms of segmentation, reach, and impact, thematic channels were profoundly misunderstood by advertisers and media planners. And their traditional advertising campaigns weren't any good for helping them, either. So, on 2008, they were looking for a different strategy, a different plan something really creative that could boost a radically different reaction among advertisers and media planners. Our challenge was to DEMONSTRATE THE EFFICIENCY OF THE THEMATIC CHANNELS AS AN ADVERTISING MEDIUM, to stop talking about it and to display it unequivocally.