Key performance indicators in the multi media environment

Bernhard Engel
Media Research Department, ZDF, Germany

Even today, investment decisions in the multimedia world still generally start with the decision on which budget to use for which medium. This applies both to decisions on placing advertising as well as to decisions regarding which budgets should be used for the content in the respective medium. It is clear that it is not possible to optimise the media mix through such an approach. One of the reasons for this is because there are no standard key performance indicators for the different media. The various types of media are different and naturally people will always need key performance indicators that take account of the particular characteristics of each type.

On the other hand, media convergence and the possibility of using various services in one single device are making it increasingly necessary to calculate standard key performance indicators, or at least to construct a correlation between the various key performance indictors. If, for example, TV should develop into “enhanced TV” or the interactive services offered by TV increase, we need to know the extent to which this adds to the performance of the medium. Conversely for the Internet, for example, we need to know how much the availability of streaming media is increasing the use of the Internet.