Conceptualising and evaluating experiences with brands on Facebook

Steve Smith

Starcom MediaVest Group


With around 19 million over-14s in Great Britain visiting Facebook at least once a month (IPA 2010), the online networking service offers brand owners significant opportunities to attract and interact with people on an ongoing basis through messages, videos, competitions, games and other content, depending on what they want to achieve.

However, two questions with which marketers and advertisers have been grappling are (1) how can people’s experiences with brands’ content on social media be conceptualised and measured, and (2) how can the value of the activities of people who interact with that content be measured (Fisher 2009; Murdough 2009; Trusov et al. 2009; Ray 2010; D’Silva et al. 2011; Kim & Ko 2011; Powell et al. 2011)?