Weekendesk: The Great Escape

CP Proximity


Category: Travel & Hospitality/Transportation
Country where program ran: Spain
Date program started/ended: October - December 2007

Product Description: A Bongo is an escape bond: a box that includes a voucher to live an exciting experience: a trip in a hot air balloon, a massage, a stay in a palace, a dinner in a Michelin restaurant& Each Bongo has a different theme and lets you choose from a wide range of activities.

Advertiser/Client Name: Weekendesk
Media Channels: Insert
Website: www.thisismywork.com/echo/greatescape


Marketplace Challenge:

Bongo was a completely unknown brand in the marketplace. Although it was already a few months old, it hadn't done any type of communication and it needed to be launched into the market. Furthermore, the product (packaged experiences) is not particularly well known either and is not easy to explain: there are many different Bongos, each one lets you choose from many different experiences and leisure time activities, then you need to use a voucher& Our challenge was to make the brand known and achieve an important sales objective for the Christmas season (very important, since the product makes for a great gift), and do it on a limited budget. Furthermore, the product's distribution took place mainly online and in about 4 or 5 brick-and-mortar stores, which made the possibility of spontaneously encountering the product very rare, and made the achievement of a great notoriety an even bigger need.