Zurich Insurance: Zurich HelpPoint D2W Campaign “Take the key”

OgilvyOne worldwide GmbH


Category: Insurance
Country where program ran: Germany
Date program started/ended: 20 October 2008 – 16 March 2009

Product Description: Zurich Financial Services Group (Zurich) is a global insurance-based financial services provider with offices in 170 countries. Zurich HelpPoint is the collective term for the many guidance, solution and service offerings Zurich delivers when it matters most.

Advertiser/Client Name: Zurich Insurance Company Ltd
Media Channels:
Website: http://www.ourwork.de/zurich/d2w_takethekey


Marketplace Challenge:

Consumers are frustrated with insurance companies and the insurance industry. Negativity surrounds retail, intermediary and business insurance experiences. Loyalty is low. Consumers are missing a lack of clarity from insurance companies and consider them as unreliable, impersonal and too standardized. Getting the right level of coverage is seen as overly complex and expensive.