UNHCR dilemmas

Young & Rubicam Group Geneva

Campaign details

Client Name: UNHCR
Brand Name: UNHCR
City: Geneva
Country: Switzerland
Category: Government Bodies and Related Organisations

Campaign summary

When conflict breaks out, people are faced with life or death decisions that will impact them forever. Through the Dilemmas campaign, we compelled audiences to contemplate those same decisions a refugee is forced to confront when he or she decides to flee - thereby asking our audiences to put themselves in a refugee's shoes. People can relate to individuals and their stories of tragedy, but not to the plight of millions. Focusing on one person, and the difference that one person can make, is the concept's core.

The key content of the campaign's scenarios was the "choice" or "dilemma" faced at the beginning of the refugee experience. A visual "checkbox" with each option challenged the public to consider which choice they would make. Each scenario was backed by a true story, making it authentic, human and credible.