How to write an IPA effectiveness paper

By Charlie Snow

Director of Strategy, Delaney Lund Knox Warren and Partners Deputy Convenor of Judges

The heavy cardboard box arrived at work: it was full of neatly bound A4 documents. You could almost smell the sweat and tears that had gone into producing them. Accompanying the papers was a simple and helpful brief from the IPA with clear instructions, something like -‘Please could you read all these and return your scores to us within five weeks'. Inside the box was a little parcel to help me through those five weeks: it included a sachet of instant coffee, a Kit-Kat and a box of paracetamol. There was also a small bottle of champagne for when I had completed the task, which was a nice touch.

And there the box sat in my office, staring at me for a few days. It seemed to get bigger and bigger every time I looked at it. Then one day I dived in, and very soon realised why I had agreed to accept the task.