The influence of flavour on consumer liking and perceptions of breath mint benefits in China

Karen Stanton
Asia Pacific, Colmar Brunton, Australia


The overall objective of this study was to understand the breath mint consumer in greater detail and to use the information to guide new product development. Qualitative focus groups were initially conducted. The detail of the qualitative findings is not covered in this case study, aside from the fact that a key insight was identified. The insight identified was that in China there were different consumers who were driven more by flavour and different consumers who were driven more by the benefits of breath mints. Once this was established, there was a need to understand the size of these two segments and the profile of these consumers (covered in detail in the following section). In addition, once it was determined that there were consumers who were more flavour driven, there was a need to understand what flavours had most appeal and which flavours should be launched as a part of a range (also covered in the subsequent section).