"National Disability Service – From admirable to desirable: transforming the perception of careers in the disability and community care sector"

Karen Dwyer & David Hartmann

Executive summary

This is a story of an eye-opening journey that we, as planners, went on and then, through creative, shared with the wider population.

It brought about a shift in perceptions of the disability and community care sector from being low skill, task-orientated work conducted by charitable angels, to careers full of remarkable, creative challenges, chosen by motivated, talented people.

It was a journey that involved a deep immersion to uncover real stories that provided rich inspiration for a campaign, which eschewed advertising spin to present the truth in its most compelling form.

It lifted the lid on the inspiring, yet previously unknown side of the sector. Real people with real stories captured in a documentary style, and presented as both trailers to a film and a short-film itself.