Show me the money

Neil Davidson

The relationship between the US and UK is one of the most debated subjects in political, social and cultural circles. Yet whether you view the UK as the 51st state or not, there is no denying the influence the two countries have on one another, nor the similarities between these two English-speaking nations.

One example of the symbiotic relationship is in the marketing industry, with the UK following the US's lead in multi-channel marketing and online advertising, and the US paying heed to the UK's mobile marketing strategies and content archive.

Yet despite having the same mother tongue, there are also clear differences in the way agencies in each country manage profitability and client relationships, due in part to macro factors such as geography, economy and budgets. The UK, for example, is considerably smaller and, therefore, tends towards more intimate and influential networks and relationships. By contrast, clients in the US typically have larger budgets and agencies dedicate more investment to the operational side of their business.