The Lowdown on Video Downloaders

The smaller screen is hitting the big time. As executives of the first small screen—television—grapple with challenges such as shrinking audiences, a smaller screen—the computer screen—is taking center stage, serving up both entertainment and control at the click of a mouse. According to a July 2007 Pew Internet report, 57% of Internet users have ever watched or downloaded videos online,(1) and online video viewing hit a record in February, with 10 billion Web videos viewed.(2) Streaming video is expected to rake in $70 billion in revenue by 2013.(3) This week's MONITOR Minute takes a look at the audience of Video Downloaders and how marketers can tap into their fervor for engaging entertainment experiences.


MONITOR finds that just more than one-quarter (27%) of the online population downloads streaming video at least occasionally, and these Video Downloaders are extremely active and engaged with a wide array of media and entertainment content—on screen, online and in traditional print. Seven in 10 Video Downloaders say they have a night of “appointment television,” but given the reality of more hectic schedules today, technologies such as DVRs and online archives of streaming content are invaluable tools for these entertainment enthusiasts. Their love of entertainment content also pulls them into new technologies, putting them among the emerging few who are at the forefront of new viewing experiences, such as watching ads on their cell phones.

Streaming Madness