10 trends in mobile

James Fergusson
TNS Connect

The rise of the smartphone has opened up many new opportunities for business. TNS Connect's James Fergusson reveals 10 trends in mobile where brands can capitalise.

In April 2012, TNS launched its annual 'Mobile Life' study, an investigation into the behaviours, motivations and priorities of the world's mobile phone users. 'Mobile Life' has shown us that consumers' phones are becoming an increasingly powerful opportunity for marketers to influence behaviour, build loyalty and drive purchase. Growing access to this advanced technology has led to an increase in both the use of, and desire for, new services and applications. Working out what these are and learning how to use them to connect with consumers is vital for brands looking to grow. TNS has identified 10 trends in mobile that will help businesses to do this in both today's and tomorrow's marketplace.

  1. Explosion of the smartphone