If I could do it all again

Phil Dusenberry
4A's Vice Chairman & Chairman, BBDO

It's quite possible that my PC will be one of those untold thousands that think next year is 1900. In fact, mankind's greatest gift from the computer may well be that so-called glitch that could give us a chance to do the whole 20th century over again.

And who knows? Maybe this time we can get it right: no wars, no famine, no hating people who aren't exactly like us.

And what about advertising? What about the creative product? If we could rewind the tape of our century and edit out the bad parts, what would it be? What would we do differently? I for one would take back every occasion in which I compromised my creative principles, my creative judgment, just to make a client happy. I can't think of a greater regret. After all, advertising is our product. We design it. We build it. We have every right to fight for it, take pride in it, and secure its integrity.