Mall Media

Making the Mass Marketplace into the Next Mass Medium

Beth Corbett
Nielsen Media Research, United States

Barb Johnson
Professional Services, ShopperTrak RCT, United States

Bill Moult
Sequent Partners, United States

Jim Spaeth
Sequent Partners, United States


The enclosed shopping mall in the United States has become the ultimate retail marketplace. The typical US enclosed mall garners over $129 million in retail sales annually. Across the country in 2003, enclosed malls captured more than $300 billion in sales. By comparison, e-commerce made headlines when it generated $24 billion in sales. When compared to the government's GAFO classification of retail sales, which included all of those product categories you might find for sale in a mall, enclosed malls account for about one-third of the total. All shopping centers together account for roughly half of every dollar spent at retail. The total revenue flow through malls is roughly equal to the total revenue flow through the publishing and broadcasting industries combined.