Morris dancing to Norwich may not be the best way to build your brand

Jeremy Bullmore

I don't suppose you remember William Kempe. He was very famous once. Between 11 February and 11 March 1600, he morris danced all the way from London to Norwich. For a short while he was known as the Nine Days' Wonder and after that he wasn't known at all.

You don't need me to explain to you why it's difficult to compile a definitive list of things and people who've been totally forgotten – but that shouldn't lure us into believing that only the things and the people we can remember are those who have ever existed. The list of those forgotten, were it ever possible to compile, would be many millions of times as extensive as the list of those remembered. If we could only remember some of the things and people we've forgotten, we'd be able to draw extremely valuable lessons from them: not least about advertising and marketing.