IKEA: Snap a Napper


The team

Andy O'Carroll – Copywriter
Spencer White – Art Director
Nicky Bullard – Creative Director
Rory Smith – Strategist
Jonathan Goodman – Group Account Director
Angie Perrett – Account Director
Amelia Vaughan – Account Manager
Chris Cannacott – Project Manager
Karl Courtney – Developer

Other contributor

Hungry Man Films

How did the campaign make a difference?

You can tell if someone's had a bad night's sleep. This campaign raised awareness that Ikea has everything you need to get a perfect night's sleep. So you don't fall asleep during the day. The Snap a Napper competition highlighted people nodding off during the day. It gathered over 44,000 YouTube views, 13,650 Facebook visits and a 21.9% increase in IKEA's Facebook fan base. This was a key part of a wider campaign that generated a lively ROI of 17:1.

What details of the strategy make this a winning entry?