Subway Ramadan: Inches to Togetherness

Tahaab Rais

Campaign details

Brand owner: Subway Arabia
Agency: Momentum MENA, McCann, Momentum Abu Dhabi, and Magna
Brand: Subway
Country: United Arab Emirates

Executive summary

This case study explains how Subway leveraged social media through two unique and innovative social experiences: the world's first-ever virtual Ramadan tables and the world's longest virtual Subway sandwich, in order to build their brand's equity and drive sales in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Through the idea: 'Togetherness is only inches away', Subway sales in the UAE increased by 9% during the campaign period vs a 9% decrease the previous year, surpassing growth objectives of a 5% increase in sales.

In the Middle East region, brands are not usually very sure about how to use social media to sell a product, nor are they very effective at it, but Ramadan with Subway was set to become a story worth sharing for UAE expatriates and their loved ones back home.