OLA – OLA snack-o-meter

Agency name: Being There
Client name: OLA
Category: Integrated Communication


The Dutch do not eat a lot of ice lollies compared to other European countries. They also have a negative perception of the healthiness of ice lollies. Meanwhile, eating healthily is becoming a growing concern. People are focusing more on what they eat but often without understanding the facts. OLA asked us to help change perceptions of the healthiness of ice lollies in order to increase sales. We decided it would be best to compare ice lollies with sweet and savoury snacks rather than other ice lollies, as snacks have a much healthier image. Thus we brought the campaign into competition not just with ice lollies, but with all kinds of snacks.

We decided to compare OLA with the most common snacks in the Netherlands. These were depicted on a scale, the Snack-o-meter, arranged according to their calorie content. This tool helped consumers to see that the number of calories in ice lollies was probably fewer than they thought. The Snack-o-meter was at the heart of the communication strategy and was supported by the Dutch Nutrition Centre. Thanks to the Snack-o-meter, sales surged and there was a positive change in consumer's perception of the number of calories in ice lollies.