L’Oréal’s approach to loyalty in Asia

Low Lai Chow

New customer journeys require a new approach to loyalty – that was the message from L'Oréal Hong Kong's President and Managing Director Stephen Mosely, speaking at Loyalty World Asia in Singapore.

Looking across the region, he identified several priorities for both marketers and the wider organisation if brands are to respond effectively to online consumers with an international outlook.

The new customer journey

Getting the consumer to even consider the product is the first aim of marketers as the latter engages the former in a brand journey. "Once we get the consumer's attention … very often the consumer then takes over and starts to evaluate for her or himself. Typically this would involve search on the internet for comparison sites, price sites and also, importantly, comments on social media from people who've used these brands or products in the past. Hopefully the outcome of that is positive for your product and the consumer moves on to the buying stage. They can buy in a traditional way via bricks and mortar if the product is in stores, or now they can buy by e-commerce."