Boundary Road Brewery

Categories: New Product or Service
Most Effective Integrated Campaign
Most Effective Digital/Social Media Campaign
Agency: Barnes, Catmur & Friends
Client: Boundary Road Brewery
Campaign: Boundary Road Brewery


The team at Barnes, Catmur & Friends delivered a perfect campaign for Boundary Road Brewery to launch its new range of craft beers in a way that appealed to consumers and delivered outstanding sales in its category in supermarkets.

Consumers were engaged right from the start via social media to help decide which beer the brewery should launch with. By making this personal connection and using a clever online strategy to reinforce it and keep the conversation going through to the launch phase and beyond, this campaign has delivered beyond expectations.

Key learnings

It was essential the Boundary Road Brewery range of beers had a presence and connection with consumers, even before the first commercial beer was brewed. There is a wide choice of craft beers in supermarkets, therefore it was crucial consumers would pick a Boundary Road Brewery beer over all others.

Marketing challenge & objectives