The user information system. Its concept and practical use

Michel Jambu
France Telecom CNET (National Center for Telecommunications Research;University Paris-Dauphine, France


In all industries, businesses of all sizes are finding that implementing data warehouses provides the base for the powerful analytical, decision-making techniques that are critical in today's competitive environment These techniques include data mining, multidimensional data analysis, traditional tools such as data query and reporting, as well as the less traditional applications aimed at disseminating data via the company's computer network. Applying these analytical techniques on a data warehouse can result in more effective decision making and can lead to a significant business advantage. Even though the concept of data warehousing has been accepted by every-one in the information business and in business at large, the problem remains to choose the 'best solution'. This paper will discuss how to define the best solution for each situation and will highlight differences between a new generation of information warehouse approach and other approaches.