Time to switch on to Radio 3.0

Mark Barber

When people's thoughts turn to new technology and interactive media, radio is not the first medium that springs to mind. And why should it, when seemingly radio has remained pretty much unchanged since the BBC started broadcasting in 1922? Surely, apart from the adoption of the FM spectrum in the late 1950s, and the launch of commercial radio in 1973, radio in the UK as a medium is fundamentally the same as it has always been.

As ever, the reality is not quite so straightforward. Radio has already evolved once to adapt to the introduction of television into the media ecology – from an in-home, primary focus medium to one that follows you out of the house, accompanying other primary activities. Radio 3.0 is the latest evolutionary stage of the medium, which sees radio adapting to the seismic shifts within the media ecology caused by the introduction of online and other digital technology.