Tooheys Extra Dry: Nocturnal Migration

Simon McCrudden

Exec Summary

This paper is about rethinking where planning sits. Not literally, but in the advertising development process. Traditionally we see planning sitting before creative – steering it all from a big truth. And the CPAs are built on the idea that planning inspired (or was at the start of) great creative work. We even have to supply creative briefs as the proof of our endeavours. This paper talks to the value of planning sitting next to creative – sitting alongside it through the process adding contextual insights, subtlety and truth in the detail along the way.


By 2011, Tooheys Extra Dry (TED) was under attack. Whilst still the fifth largest beer in Australia, over the previous nine years over 900 new beers had launched, many aiming directly for the mouths of TED's traditional urban and suburban drinkers.

A false start