Commonwealth Bank: Investorville

Rob Chandler


Great Creative Planning gives our clients the confidence to buy BIG, UNEXPECTED creative ideas

Ever had a brief arrive on your desk that prescribes the audience, the channel and the content? You look at it and think "yeh alright", you sleep on it; you mull it over; you chat to a mate; "it just can't work". You're not entirely sure why, but something bugs you, this was one was one of those briefs.

Conceptual and practical planning combined with the age old arts of challenging the brief, uncovering a truth and broadening thinking gave client and agency alike the confidence to go on an 18 month development journey that transformed a direct mail brief into "A world first" investment property simulator. We employed behavioural change insight, gamification mechanics and a technical mash-up to deliver a real life investment experience. It paid for itself within 12 weeks and to date (May 2012) has achieved an extraordinary ROI of $6.10 to every dollar spent.