The next big thing: New sources of methodological inspiration and influence

Andy Barker


Over recent years "traditional" research has seen new discoveries in neuroscience, evolutionary biology, game theory and the online revolution challenge and re-shape many of its practices/ fundamental assumptions. In qual specifically, we have continued to be eclectic bricoleurs drawing from a range of "source cultures" rather than following a single influence and so it continues to be of vital importance to the qual industry, to seek out new sources of inspiration beyond those already influencing wider research methodology development. In fishing for new ideas, we have been casting our net more widely to other disciplines that might provide inspiration and influence on our approaches.

Our key criterion for selecting other worlds to explore is "which other areas of life involve generating insight about people's behaviour and motivation"? Of the many areas we have explored, in particular four have emerged which we think have something to offer our industry. And so it is these which we would like to share so that, as a qual community, we might collectively explore, assess, incorporate and innovate. These worlds are : 1) Education; 2) Police interrogation & the legal system; 3) TV interview journalism; and 4) Experimental Philosophy.