Johnson's Baby: Pump It Forward

Jamo Woo and Tippi Chen

Campaign details

Brand owner: Johnson & Johnson
Agency: NIM Digital
Brand: Johnson's Baby
Country: China
Industry: Baby care
Media budget (USD): $1 - $3 million
Channels used: Internet - microsites, widgets, Online video, Other and ambient media, Print - general, unspecified, Public relations, Social media

Executive summary

This case study from Johnson & Johnson's baby care division addresses the issue of working mothers in China who lacked a safe and client workplace environment in which to pump breast milk. To help mums, the brand provided a re-usable sticker that could turn a vacant office space into a temporary facility for mothers along with educational materials and a courier service to deliver pumped breast milk from the workplace to home. The idea generated extensive earned media coverage on social media and television and regulatory change has been introduced following the campaign.

Campaign background