Air New Zealand: The Kiwi Sceptics - How branded content sold airline seats

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Advertiser: Air New Zealand
Brand: Air New Zealand
Country: Australia


There are low margin businesses. And then there are airlines.

Last year, the International Air Transport Association estimated that the $716b global industry would turn a profit of just $4.3b (0.6%).1

High fuel costs, heavy taxes and planes that need to fly whether they're full or not mean every single dollar consumers spend in this category is highly fought over.

The competition is particularly intense in Australia, an isolated island that relies on airlines to connect with the rest of the world.

In this market, Air New Zealand's biggest battle is over the 'trans-Tasman route' – the industry shorthand for flights connecting Australia and New Zealand (NZ). Seven separate airlines compete over the route that represents nearly a quarter of Air NZ's total flying.