Mythbuster: Realities of segmentation

Les Binet and Sarah Carter


Les Binet and Sarah Carter of DDB get a little bit angry about some of the nonsense they hear around them... like the idea that brands are ‘segmented'

We were recently asked by a client to conduct some research into baby food. The research brief was carefully crafted – groups were to be among mothers of babies aged between six and 12 months, and split by the brand of baby food they regularly bought.

So, we had a group who regularly bought a new premium, organic brand in funky pouches; another group, who bought an established, more serious organic brand in pots; and another group, comprising buyers of a cheap and cheerful jar brand. The research was to explore differences in buyers and their attitudes towards these different brands. This is a ‘high interest category’ if ever there was one. The brands looked and felt very different to us. So we settled back behind the one-way mirror to observe the differences in these brand buyers.