Targeting New Parents And Mothers To Be

Janet Richards

Imagine being transported into an alien world where you are expected to undertake a job that you are completely untrained for and where all the products and brands are unfamiliar. That is how many parents feel when they first have a child. No matter how much parents-to-be read about what it is going to be like, nothing can prepare them for the changes that are about to happen. So how can you communicate with this group of new parents who are tired, stressed, bewildered and totally preoccupied with their new arrival?

RDSi has recruited a panel of over 500 mothers-to-be and parents of pre-school children, who we interview every six months. Our Little 'n' Large programme was set up to provide a detailed insight into this lifestage and to help our clients make decisions about their brand strategy. We explore how having a child changes attitudes and behaviour, and the implications of these changes for retailers, manufacturers and other providers.

Falling birthrates