Brand strategy for B2B companies

Brigid McMullen
The Workroom

Good branding demonstrates a promise to a company's customers and this is as relevant in the world of B2B as it is in consumer products.

Exceptional brands attract customers, staff and investors. ThinkApple,IBMandThe Co-operative. Ensuring the brand is the DNA for all decision-making is what really drives these market-changing businesses.

But most B2B and corporate businesses are slow to realise that creating a distinctive and meaningful brand is the magic ingredient that creates sustainable competitive advantage. And no matter if you define your business as B2C, B2B or corporate – in the end it's all P2P (people to people).

Putting the brand at the heart of business takes big vision and ambition. You need to stand for something above and beyond transactional relationships. You need to ensure that everyone in your company understands the role they play in delivering your promise to customers.