Using implicit methods to develop an objective measure of media brand engagement

Gemma Calvert

Nanyang Technological University

Eamon Fulcher and Geraldine Fulcher

University of the West of England

Pauline Foster

Neurosense Limited

Helen Rose

BE Viacom International


Recent research on consumer behaviour suggests that the majority of choices made by consumers are based on minimal conscious thought; instead, such decisions involve environmentally activated attitudes that occur unconsciously (Dimofte 2010). In addition, philosophers have questioned whether it is possible to have a deep insight into our own thoughts and feelings, especially our attitudes (Ryle 1949). Indeed, psychological research has shown that many attitudes that are ‘hidden’ from an individual can directly influence their behaviour (Wilson & Dunn 2003; Brunel et al. 2004; Steinman & Karpinski 2008).