Westpac: Chopper

Category: Charity/Not for Profit
Most Effective Integrated Campaign
Agency: .99
Client: Westpac


The annual Westpac Chopper appeal needed a big lift this year. With multiple hurdles to overcome the key was to hone in on the fact that every cent donated could make a real difference to someone's life. The approach worked. This year's appeal achieved record donation levels.

Key learnings

The team at .99 needed to work harder to achieve the objectives which meant they had to nail every potential barrier to donation with a single compelling proposition. As a result three core insights drove the big idea:

  1. Potential donors were cash-strapped; simply asking them for money was not enough. However, by quantifying the worth of seemingly insignificant everyday objects and highlighting their role in a rescue was the key. This meant the audience could see how even a small donation could make a big difference to someone's life.
  2. People were questioning what happened to their charitable donations once they were made – so it was important to show people that their donation was more than just money in a bucket. It had a direct and positive impact on Chopper, with every cent donated going back to their local Chopper Trust.
  3. Finally, it was crucial to compel people to donate now. This urgency was created by pulling on the heartstrings, connecting potential donors with real life New Zealanders, just like them, who had been rescued by Chopper – and delivering the strongest call to action for each media so they could easily follow this feeling up with a donation.