Liberty Mutual: Taking responsibility

Todd Wilkinson

Liberty Mutual’s Paul Alexander reflects on the boundless possibility of doing “the right thing”.

Paul Alexander
Photograph by Chris Churchil

In his first inaugural address, President "Honest Abe" Lincoln famously called upon citizens to heed "the better angels of our nature." Today, when weighing decisions that invite us to reflect on right from wrong, and to act on compassion over indifference, how do we fare in taking the test of modern life?

Perhaps no company is more energized by this question than Liberty Mutual Insurance. Through the success of its critically acclaimed initiative, "The Responsibility Project," (RP) the Boston-based multinational is engaging millions by sharing inspirational stories from ordinary folks who pay good deeds forward. The Responsibility Project's multidimensional, web-based platform celebrates the ongoing dialogue of what it means to do the right thing.