Mythbuster: Kiss of death

Les Binet and Sarah Carter

Les Binet and Sarah Carter of DDB get a little bit angry about some of the nonsense they hear around them…like the idea that brands have life cycles

Recently, we found ourselves talking to a group of institutional investors about the effects of advertising spend on the bottom line. At the end of our presentation, one of them asked a question. Yes, he understood the need for marketing support when launching a brand, but surely it is less important in the later stages of the brand life cycle?

Grrr… Brands do not have 'life cycles'. This myth of the brand life cycle is a dangerous and destructive one that regularly damages the interests of brand owners, and investors like our City friend.

Products certainly do have life cycles. The iPhone 3G was 'hot' two years ago, but the market has moved on. Rival smartphones, such as Google's Nexus or Apple's own iPhone 4, have appeared. No-one expects the old 3G to be around much longer.