Agency: Broughton Jacques Author: J. Martin Lewis

Teletex Awareness
A small business campaign



This is the story of a very successful small-budget campaign in which advertising played a key role. It was, in fact, built around and powered by an advertising campaign to a business audience.


By late 1983 mention of Teletex, the name given to British Telecom's planned electronic mail service, could be guaranteed to trigger reactions ranging from ignorance to confusion and scepticism. Its promised benefits (transmission of documents at 30 times the speed of Telex, much more cheaply and to letter quality when required) were known to some communications specialists but its credibility had been prejudiced by delays in its approvals procedure. Indeed it was not until January 1984 that the first Teletex - the name itself embarrassingly similar to both telex and teletext - equipment was cleared for UK use. That equipment came from Sweden. In the event, no equipment was viable until the service went on line in April 1985. In 1983, however, Teletex manufacturers had been encouraged by the Information and Technology Division of the Department of Trade and Industry to jointly sponsor a publicity campaign. The aim of the group was revealed by its name - the Teletex Awareness Group.