Outdoor Lives and Outdoor Advertising in Singapore

Kinetic's 'Moving World Asia' research looks at consumers' everyday lives, and how they interact with different media, in five key markets: Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. The study's themes include urbanisation, rise of leisure time, travel, shopping and technology.

Singapore is a destination for skilled immigrants – 80% of new immigrants in 2009 had post-secondary education qualifications. The city is well known for both its shopping and its food. In recent years Orchard Road has seen a string of upmarket malls open, forming a landmark shopping destination. Transport infrastructure is highly developed, with good roads and public transport options. As a result Singaporeans, like their Hong Kong counterparts, are willing to commute – Singaporean commuters spend around 1.4 hours a day travelling to and from work.


Urban population: Over 5 million
Rural population: NA
% of people living in urban areas: 100%