Law Review

Sandra Salmans


'M'm! M'm Good!' That's the unchallengeable - legally speaking, at least - message Campbell Soup Company has embraced again, after a seven-year flirtation with the slogan, 'Soup Is Good Food'.

Campbell spokesperson Jim Moran insists it was marketing research, not actions by attorneys-general in nine different states, that persuaded Campbell and its agency, Backer Spielvogel Bates Worldwide, to return to its earlier campaign.

But thanks to new initiatives by both Congress and the White House, other advertisers for foods from soup to nuts may soon be looking more closely at health and nutritional claims.

The proposed actions do not outlaw such claims, and they do not specifically address advertising; the actual target is the labels on foods. But the new standards subject such labels to a more rigorous test than they have had in years, at least at the Federal level.