Toshiba Laptop with Intel: The Inside Experience

Pereira & O'Dell San Francisco

Advertiser: Intel + Toshiba
Brand: Toshiba Laptop with Intel
Country: USA


Locking a girl in a room with nothing more than a laptop isn't how global technology companies typically build their brands. Neither is doing it in real-time. But the cultural and competitive landscape had changed, leaving Intel and Toshiba desperate to grow their business with a new generation of consumers.

In recent years, Intel—long known for advancements in technology and processing power—has been increasingly relegated to "ingredient brand" status where it rarely receives credit for what Intel chips make possible. And despite being a household name in the computing industry, Toshiba has struggled for years to make the brand relevant among millennial consumers. With the commoditization of the laptop market and tablet sales expected to reach 40 million in 20121, the mobile computing market was set to undergo a rapid transformation.