Essential Waitrose


Own Brand – Food

Waitrose Graphic Design – Packaging Team


The introduction of essential Waitrose in March 2009 following months of preperation, just as the recession was beginning to bite, undeniably helped Waitrose deliver the most impressive results in its history. Waitrose has since outperformed the market, growing share and increasing sales on an impressive scale, and essential Waitrose has been cited by numerous industry analysts as a key factor in achieving this unprecedented growth.

There was a significant gain on like-for-like on essential Waitrose products in just the first 12 weeks immediately following the first of the newly repackaged products arriving on our shelves, and prior to any ATL support. Having recently celebrated its first birthday, essential Waitrose is already a £½ billion brand and accounts for around 17% of our sales. Nearly three quarters of Waitrose customers have bought essential Waitrose products, without the range cannibalising existing sales of other products. When the range launched it helped to attract over 400,000 new customers each week to Waitrose, making it the fastest.