Yuhan - Kimberly - HUGGIES® Magic Pants 'Babies Walk in Pants'

Campaign Summary

Since HUGGIES® launched the diaper in Korea in 1983, HUGGIES® has dominated market leadership through continuous innovation and best product performance. As the most innovative product offering, HUGGIES® Magic Pants in Korea launched 'Baby Walks in Pants' Campaign in November 2005, and has successfully created the diaper pants market in the diaper market as super premium segment showing significant growth in TOM, aided, unaided awareness and market share.

Marketing Challenge and Objective

Create the new diaper pants market in Korea!

HUGGIES® is the most reliable and premium diaper brand in Korea selling over 295 million US dollars a year marked 73% of market share as of January 2007. Historically since HUGGIES® first introduced paper diaper to Korea in 1983, its market dominancy has continued with reinforcing the market leadership. Magic Pants' goal was to create a pants-type diaper segment within the diaper market and to convert the taped diaper using mom to diaper pants quickly.