Insights from the IPA Effectiveness Awards 2012: Creativity and effectiveness - Never lose sight of the power of the idea

Bridget Angear

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For the purposes of this chapter, I've defined creativity as the use of the imagination to produce original ideas, and effectiveness as the ability to prove that these ideas have had a demonstrable effect.

In some ways I think it's a bit odd that as an industry we still feel the need to prove that there is a link. I think most of us who work in this crazy, chaotic, frustrating and wonderful business take it for granted that creative communications work better than uncreative ones. Why else would we toil long into the night in the quest for an original idea? I wanted to work in advertising because of what Nick Kamen did for Levis 501 back in 1984. This was an ad that got everyone of my generation talking about it. I wanted to be part of an industry that could, overnight, change people's perceptions of a brand. At the time I was just reacting to it emotionally. I didn't know that 'fame', which is what it created for Levis, has proven to be the real key to business success.