Three cheers for Madison Avenue

David Ogilvy
Founder, Ogilvy Group

When Ogilvy & Mather first applied for membership in the A.A.A.A., I was told nothing doing. The A.A.A.A. did not want to admit a “foreign” agency.

I pointed out that the then President of the Institute in London was the head of J. Walter Thompson's London office, an equally “foreign” agency.

Today, the President of the Institute in London is the Chairman of the London office, and the Chairman of the A.A.A.A. is the Chairman of our New York office. Times have changed.

Somewhere along the line I was a Governor of the A.A.A.A. I remember saying that if someone bombed the United Nations, the staff of the A.A.A.A. could easily move over and run the United Nations.

That was twelve years ago. Today, with John Crichton at the helm, it is truer than ever. My only claim to fame as a Governor was that I was the first person to suggest that the admirable Crichton be offered the Presidency of the A.A.A.A.