How people use tablets and the issue of specific issues: Insights from the 2011 Print and Digital Research Forum

Manfred Mareck

The 2011 Print and Digital Research Forum, held in San Francisco started out exactly 30 years ago in New Orleans as the Worldwide Readership Research Symposium. The brainchild of the then MD of RSL Ltd, Dawn Mitchell (who is still President of the Forum), it focused on measurement issues of print audiences and quickly became a bi-annual event jointly sponsored by Ipsos MediaCT and Kantar Media. It may have been a little slow in embracing measurement issues related to digital and mobile platforms but this has now changed. The (Greek) Symposium, a pleasant affair involving debate, food and drink in good company has morphed into a (Roman) Forum, commodious (© Geoff Wicken/Kantar) for debate, food, and drink in good company.

A total of 55 papers were presented, and not all of the many noteworthy topics (including ROI measurements, engagement metrics, and others) can be covered in this report but all papers will be available indexed by author and topic at the event website ( The topics that caught my attention included measurement of specific issues of publications, the measurement of print, online and mobile platforms, neuroscience and readership research, and issues concerning online sampling.

The Issue of Specific Issues