President Hoover Defines Sound Advertising

Herbert Hoover
US President (1929–33)

Everything, ranging from a definition of sound advertising by President Hoover, through the suggested postage increase, unemployment, distribution problems, testimonial advertising and a plea to publishers to reduce advertising rates, was discussed at the 21st annual convention of the Association of National Advertisers held at Washington, D.C., during mid-November. The convention was well attended by leading advertisers, advertising agents and publishers from over the country, and those who were present have many brilliant high spots to remember, not the least of which was the annual banquet, held November 10th, at which President Hoover addressed the delegates solely on the subject of advertising. He gave it credit for many contributions to happiness, but reminded his hearers of their part in the economic systems. His speech, which was brief and which was broadcast over the nation on a radio network, is reproduced in full below: